Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to Stardoll

I'm back to Stardoll. And I'm in a "writing in a blog" mood.
I'm actually writing this post for a second time since the first one got accidentally deleted. And I'm a bit pissed at the moment because I've just wrote a huge post about my return and now it's all gone!! Arrghh!

I don't know if someone is still reading the blog,but anyway I'll write my post again.

So I haven't been on Stardoll maybe since we closed the blog. It was about 6 months
ago,as I count. Since then I was logging in only once a two weeks,just to see how the site is growing and what's new. Even though I was buying superstar,Stardoll wasn't my priority in Internet anymore. I was just buying the new clothes,that I liked and clothes from the monthly sales. That's it.
There was no exact reason for coming back.
When I bought superstar,two weeks ago,the offer was more expensive for less time,but anyway I bought it,saying to myself "I'm gonna use it more often,cause I paid for it." So I decided to stay in order to not spend my money for nothing.

What did I see when I stayed for a while?

The same shit that made me leave before.
People obsessed over fake clothes,being covergirl,getting more stardollars.And more stardollars. And more clothes.
Lying,cheating,stealing,scamming,hacking...These people just forget about being people!Being friends! Isn't Stardoll supposed to be a place for making friends and talking? Communicating with people from all over the world? Isn't Stardoll supposed to be a better place,where you can take a break from the real world,that is full with the same liars,cheaters and thieves?

I just can't take it anymore!
Now I want to find people who I can talk to. To prove myself that there are still people who don't care about fake clothes and shit like that. People who can be real,who can be friends. That's why I won't leave this time. I want to find friends. I want to find real people that still live in the real world and not in this deformed gone insane virtual world.