Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Couture

Today I went to the starplaza to see if stardoll had released any non superstar halloween costumes. Instead I was shocked to see that they had released "Tingling Halloween Couture". It is a separate shop to Tingling and it is just selling Halloween clothes. Everything in the shop is for superstars only. The cheapest thing in the shop is a mask for $6 and the most expensive is a dress for $50. To buy one of everything in this shop, it would cost you $771. The average cost of a piece is $21.
As you can see in the sign below it is spelt Hallowen Couture, but the signs for the floors spell it Halloween Couture. I think stardoll has done a spelling mistake yet again!

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dancekicksbutt said...

nice catch on the spelling mistake!