Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's complaints time

Hey there!
Happy Saturday!
Today I'm relaxing after my first week at school. :D And I'm also mad at my computer which is so slow that I could fall asleep while it's loading a page.Arrgh. :S

I saw we hit 40 millions and I saw the ridiculous celebration- a free '40 millions' sign and some kind of ugly clothes that cost money. Duh. Why don't they think about something more interesting? Something that will make us feel like we really have an occasion for celebration.Oh and I was going to forget to mention the biggest 'gift' they gave us.The 40 free stardollars which are not exactly free. Did you get the email telling you that if you buy superstar you'll get the 'free 40 stardollars'? For me,this is blackmail.
I also want to complain about the lack of good ideas on Stardoll. They used to make different fashion themes- like 'Black Lace','Tokyo Streetstyle','Dance Attitude'.Do you remember them? The last themes they released were absolute rubbish-like the Space thing. I don't remember what exactly it was called.But those Space clothes were absolutely ugly and unwearable. I mean,damn it,where are the great clothing ideas Stardoll used to give us?

Well, I could think of more things to complain about,but lets drop the line here since it's probably getting boring.

And to make my post a bit positive in the end I want to share with you this song.It's going to be in the New Moon soundtrack. I really like it. I could listen to it all day. :D


Catlover103 said...

I wouldn't call it blackmail. Blackmail is threatening to do something bad unless you do something for the person doing the blackmail. Stardoll is bribing us with something good.

not-perfect111 said...

No,I mean they want us to pay for everything.Even for things that aren't worth paying for.For example these t-shirts should be free-it's celebration,right? But they want us to pay for them-that's blackmail. Right? Sorry,I'm not good at explanations,but that's how I see the things.

Catlover103 said...

I get what you are saying. The T-shirts should e free. Not 6 freakin' stardollars!

dancekicksbutt said...

nice post! you've put most of my frustrations with stardoll into just seems to have gotten so boring lately!