Friday, June 12, 2009

Feeling kind of mad...

Today as I was checking some of my favorite blogs I saw that some other blogs are having contest to be authors now. The reason I'm feeling kind of mad is that I feel that more people will will enter for those blogs. So I just want to encourage people to enter here. I think that you will have a better chance of winning here because we only have 2 people that have entered so far. So here is a reminder of the rules for entering:

  • Know how to make a screen shot. (There are instructions on how to do it on Gossip-Stardoll)

  • Have fairly good gramar skills

  • Be willing to post at least 1 time a week

  • Have an e-mail address you can give me

  • To enter send 3 articles to my doll mail (click to go to my suite) on Stardoll by Tuesday, June 16th. Then I will post them and we will vote on them! I really would like a lot of people to enter this contest so please enter, even if you think you may not have a chance at winning you will never know unless you try!

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