Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Spring 2009 Hotbuys

I decided that I actually would show some of the Hotbuys I dislike.
First up is this mini-dress. The ruffles and design are both nice, but the shape, it's like a strapless burlap sack with a belt. It makes the doll's chest look bigger than it should and her hips..... *shudder*....

Next up is this military/pirate/motorcycle jacket..... The details are kind of military-like, while it gives off a biker pirate vibe. It's pretty random, in my opinion.
You know how I said this was a Hotbuy? Well, I take it back. It has a kind of odd sleeve length, and once again, it's totally shapeless!

"I made this skirt out of scraps from the curtains I made." That's exactly what it looks like to me, curtains, in skirt form.

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