Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big fat lie!

This is one of the biggest lies ever! This is so not the "first" 50% off sale! They have had them before and they weren't for superstars only. When I was a superstar over the summer they had these sales and if i can remember right not everything was just for superstars. I'm getting so sick of stardoll with all of their lies and glitches and all that crap like that.

Also sorry that I hadn't been posting for a few days. I was babysitting this kid for the past 3 afternoons and by the time I got home I did not have much time to write.

Also we have lost one of our authors: MoOtH. She never wrote any posts but she was on here as an author. I don't really know why she has quit she just told me that she wouldn't do it any more. I'll miss you MoOtH!

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