Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well where I live there is no school today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday). We have having our UEA break...I have no clue what that means, but its for the teachers, so we have no school so it's all good. But any way I am bored as heck today. My parents are at work so I've just been here all day long, cause all my friends have gone on vacations. Boo. It freakin snowed yesterday (it was 90 degrees the day before that!) so it's like freaking cold here and my house is freezing and my dad never started up our heater for the winter.

So yeah my point is that I'm bored and freezing. So here is a video I found today. I actually prefer this better. I like music videos that are simple and real. A bunch of college kids made this up in Canada.

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dancekicksbutt said...

that was a good one...the movement of the camera was amazing!