Thursday, April 2, 2009


1) First I just found out how to make templates that do not show the black bars on the side! woop woop! I think that a blog make-over could be coming up in the near future!
2) I have decided that waiting until the end of April is to long to wait for me to decide on who will stay and who will go. So, this means that I will chose sometime Easter weekend.
3) Authors, authors, authors. Whats up? You need to be writing more if you want to stay here. (If you don't have a header please tell me) So I will tell you who I would choose if I chose today. For sure Sophie & Erin. Maybe Yvonne, Nechon & Holly. And finally I would probably get rid of Ally, Bronagh & Ashli. But please remember this IS NOT final, you have 2 weeks to prove yourself to me! =]]]

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YvonneJammy88888 said...

I dont have a header, soz :(