Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Hot and Cheap
Hello! I am Nicole_Lucy_Mc and I'm sooo excited to be writing my first acrticle! Here is my favourite hot and cheap items in Starplaza.Pretty in Pink ruffled slip nightgown in blue and red $5Pretty Pink top $4 from Pretty in PinkRio black jeans skirt $5Fudge heart print top $5.They are for both superstar and non-superstar! I hope you enjoy my first article and hope there will be loads more!
Have you ever sold something that you had no idea was rare or worth more then you sold it for?I bet most of us had made that mistake at least once. For instance,one time I sold my Hot Buy Pink Uggs for 20! And Another time I sold my DKNYDip Die for the low price of 24! Most people are selling their rares like DKNY and Old Hotbuys for 60 and more. People have came up with a great method of selling thigns for example 80 sd. How they do that is:1.They sell a clothing item that they no longer want for 60 then the buyer buys it. 2.They sell the item that the buyer wants and sells it for 20. In return the seller get 80 sd. That's pretty neat,ehh? I bet we’ve all sold a rare for a low price once, haven’t we? Come on, you’ve got to admit it. We all make mistakes sometimes! Just remember, you’re not the only one. What items have you sold that you didn't know was worth more then what you sold them for?
To view this bigger click on the picture =]BB is back!
The biggest scandal of stardoll 2008, was of course, the Burn book. It`s back again, but this time, DON`T blame xox-DIOR-xox. It`s a wannabe elite, Zollie101 according to arna-rut. The demeaning book has been making many famous users upset over the book.undermyumberellla, DanPuffs and other elite users have been used and made a fool over this pixellated trash. What kind of person would do this for a living? And DON`T say a 40 year old man with nothing to live for. This has just become old news. The older one was just a bit of offence, but this one is just plain WRONG.
Hey, every body!! I’m the possible author, Nechon. For your information, I come from Indonesia.. My first article is…..LET’S TALK ABOUTLE vs. ANTIDOTEAs you all know, yesterday, Stardoll has launched new brand of Limited Edition, ANTIDOTE. I’m sure you have seen it in starplaza. The clothes are simple, cute and impressive. Beside that, it’s cheaper than LE. You can buy the things only with10 stardollars. There’s nothing that sell more than 100 stardollars like LE do. Even LE has more glamorous and sweet dress, don’t you agree that LE is too expensive? Though I can’t buy the Antidote -cz I’m not superstar.. =[ , I still happy cz finally stardoll decide not to sold limited dress in million stardollar. LOL..So, guys, which one do you prefer, LE or ANTIDOTE ??


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