Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lots of stuff....

1st-Look at this pic of Lady GaGa....well now she is more like Lady GagGag. She was so cute. What happened? Guess the fame got to her.

2nd- Look at Kristen Stewarts right leg. It's kind of grossing me out!
3rd- We are going to have at least 5 possible authors writing in the near future. What they are going to do is each of them will write 2 articles and I will post them on here. Then we will vote for the favorite 3. Whoever wins will be the new additional authors here. So keep your eyes open for when they post and keep in mind who you want to vote on! =] (I just put their headers on here so you can see who they are!)


Anonymous said...

Hey its Nicole_Lucy_Mc the new possible author.
I hope you will enjoy my article!

Nessya Sidya Raras Suraduhita Rostanto said...

i've make my first article!! take a look in my blog!!