Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stardoll Glitches.

We all know about the Stardoll staff.
And how they make a great job of Stardoll.
But when they make new stuff do they get more careless?
I think YES.
They give us a fabulous Barbie dress
12 room suite.
And loads more.
But then when you think about it they are slightly careless.
I mean glitches NON-STOP.
Free items,free clothes and there even worse when it is the Superstar sale.
They release 'new' items which are old.
Give us the same comic strips every now and then.
What else?
It is VERY VERY VERY VERY annoying.
Do you agree?Stick in a comment!
Also i was at my friends suite and there was no-medoll and her room wasn't moving.I took a screen shot,Do you see her medoll?
Oh darn!
New computer and i can't find my screen shot.Just search AandZrocks.
I think?
Also no header.Lindsie (sorry if wrong spelling)could you make me a new header?

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