Saturday, February 21, 2009

Posible Author/Guest Article #2

Here is another article by nat643:
Here is another article:
Today's Covergirl Is...hooliwod
Hair: She has one of the best hairdo's. The messy ponytail going over her right shoulder.
Eyebrows: Good. Not too bushy. One of them is half-hidden.
Eyes: Very pretty. Has some very dark mascara.
Nose: The best nose.
Mouth: Good lips. Orange-pink color.
Wearing:Olsen Scarf $2Hilary Cardigan $9Stardoll Polo $5Dark Slim Fit Jeans $6Basic Black Bra $1
Jewelry: Bracelet and ring.
Money Spent:$23
Overall Rating:20
Good Job hooliwod!

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