Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pump My Suite: Sleepover Party


In this brand new rubric,called "Pump My Suite" I'll give you some tips on how to make your suite better. :) 
The first theme I want to talk about is Sleepover party. Stardoll recently released a similar theme with clothes and funrniture connected with it,but I want to show and some other things you can use to make a perfect Sleepover party in your suite. ;] 

At first you need to have a Sleepover kit.
Go to Minishop,then Hobbies-->Sports.On the second page you'll find the kit.  

Of course,what is a Sleepover party without any pillows and cushions? There are a lot and different kinds of them all over the Minishop.
You can add some plush toys and fluffy stuff. :) Teddy bears,rabbits...what you like...
Also balloons and food.You can go to Hobbies--> Food and you'll find everything you want.
Use your imagination!;]

And now you can see a preview of my 'Sleepover party' room.

If you have any other ideas about this theme and you used them in your suite,you can write a comment here with your Stardoll username telling us you want to show what you did.You may soon see your bright ideas here in a continuation of the Sleepover theme. ;] 
And please comment what you think about this brand new rubric.Your opinion is important to us!

P.S. : I want to apologize if I sometimes make little grammar mistakes.It's because English is not my mother's language.

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